Week 3 reflection

This week I finished reading my book HOlES. It had 50 chapters and 200+ pages. I was really annoyed to put the book down. I wish the author made more chapters.

in maths I have been working on triangles. We had to find the tree main triangles a equilateral, isosceles and a scalene triangle. The we had to write the points and a difination about each one. Part 2 was similar but finding the angles. For this we did flip, slide and turn 90 degrees.

lastly in literacy we have been doing a test that goes for a couple of weeks. you had to write a narrative and plan it with a story graph. Then you had to publish it. The other thing you had to do was a recipical reading.

Week 2 – reflection

For literacy I am still reading holes, I am up to chapter 30 and still hooked and want to read more.

in maths we have been doing carisian planes and we have to use genomatry to measure our enicials .

apart from reading holes I am reading the choose your own adventure series I love how you decide your fate. My favorite one is race forever hope everyone loves these books and hope there is more new ones to come.

Week 1- Reflection

This week I started researching for my Big Idea. Our topic was the first Aboriginal cricket team and the first Aboriginal Artists.

i am currently ready holes for our litriture circle in literacy I am really temped to keep reading on because the book is so interesting and I always want to know what happens next. But I know that’s part of the challenge I can’t wait to find out what happens next. In the meantime I am reading the 39 story tree house by Andy Griffiths  and terry Denton I is so funny and cool it’s a great book and can’t wait to we if there will be a 52 story tree house I really recommend this book.

in Maths we have been doing pyramids and using blocks to create a view and then a partner would have to use our drawings to rebuild it. I found your drawings had to be extremely accurate Orr the person couldn’t build it. I also enjoyed the build a pyramid challenge I found it fun and challenging

home and away by John Marsden- diary

27th of April

It is day fifty on this new island and all they are feeding us is Vegimite toast and dirty water. I don’t know how much longer i can last. At 1:15 pm a man tried to climb the wire fence, he fell straight down with cuts and bruises.

14th of September

Today was a boiling 39 degrees mum stayed asleep for the whole afternoon. But i think i have found a clue to get out. A small sign saying” this way for freedom”.



For our workshop we did finding percentages in a catalouge. We had to find 10%, 20%, 25% and 70% of prices in a catalouge. To work out 70% all you have to do is divid it by how much it was then you multiply by 7 and thats how much you save. Then it is just the same with the other percentages but by how much they are. On our catoulouge we have 4 items on each page and a different percentage. We have learnt how to work out percentages in a catalouge. We also learnt how to findhow much we saved by useing percentages.


This week I have been tiring to choose difficult spelling words for my writing. In maths I have been working on maps, changing fractions into decimals. Also we have been adding, multiplying and subtracting fractions. In literacy I we have watched a movie called RECK IT RALF and we hard to do a story graph on it. We wrote down the 6 main points of the movie and scenes where some of the characters show resilience.

Footprint challenge

When I did the footprint challenge the results were that I would take up 2 earths. Because don’t catch much public transport. I also have a big family so it meant we had  a lot of food. But the good things were I don’t fly much so that cut down a little bit and I don’t have many electronics. My house is two stories but I don’t live on a big block of land. Another bad thing was we don’t have any solar panels so we have to use electricity. I walk a lot to school and to other places. That’s my global footprint.

Start and stop poetry

At the soccer

The crowd goes wild

it is too intense to even sit still

the socceroos smashed Jordan 4-0

everyone was cheering and chanting

at the soccer


While it rained

I sat in my room

not knowing what to do

I played my ipad

and ate some food

while it rained


before I shut the door

I saw something weird

it was an ice cream with a beard

it had arms and legs

and a shiny rubber band

that’s what I saw

before I shut the door.


Taking a penalty

the crowd went silent

it was all up to me

I had to score

because I was

taking a penalty


Homework- what done well and what to work on

At home I have been reading for 45 minutes every night and I am really enjoying it. My favourite book series is the extreme adventures I  have reed all 12 of them and I hope there is still more to com. At school I am reading conspiracy 365 and It is a perfect Good fit book for me. In literacy I have been working on narratives and recounts. The latest one i have just published was a recount of a soccer match. In big idea I am investigating and researching about aeronocustics. I thinI I need to improve on reading a bit longer and try to change types of writing I do.